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Available Memberships

Below, you'll find the general types of units offered at Ash Street Cooperative. Unit availability status changes regularly. Please contact us to discuss current availability before applying for membership. Have general questions? Read through our F.A.Q. section below.  


2 Bedrooms

Co-op Owned 2 bed 1 bath for sale

Our 2 bed memberships have roughly 1000 sq ft of comfortable living space. Hardwood floors throughout; large windows; tons of space; great location; budget-friendly. *Price of unit ranges based on upgrades.



3 Bedrooms

Co-op Owned 3 bed 1 bath for sale

Our 3 bed memberships have roughly 1000 sq ft of comfortable living space. Hardwood floors throughout; large windows; tons of space; great location; budget-friendly. *Price of unit ranges based on upgrades. 




Member-owned 2 & 3 beds for sale

Members list their memberships independently either through window signage or real estate brokers. Drive through our property to view available Member-owned units.

$ varies

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I purchase a Membership as an investment property? No. All homes must be occupied by the Member at all times. They cannot be rented out to a non-Member. 

2. What is the square footage? Approximately 1000 sq ft of living space, this does not include the unfinished basement which is an additional approx 450 sq ft.


3. Why are all the Coop-owned Memberships priced the same? After remodeling each membership, Ash Street simply wants to offer the membership for sale at a pre-determined, reasonable price that assists in recouping the costs of the renovations. Ash Street's #1 goal is to have a fully-occupied community so that everyone who qualifies can enjoy reaping the benefits of cooperative living right away. 

4. What is included in the Monthly Carrying Charges? Lawn care, structural maintenance (electrical, plumbing, HVAC, exterior), trash and recycling pick up, your membership's portion of property taxes and grounds mortgage, capital improvements to common areas, snow removal from common areas, 24/7 on-call emergency maintenance, voting rights and more! 

5. What is the average cost of a Monthly Carrying Charge? Depending on whether the membership is a 2 or 3 bedroom, interior or exterior or a duplex: $593-630. 

6. As a Member, can I Paint or Make Improvements to my Membership? Yes! Members are encouraged to improve their homes at their own expense. Structural changes or major remodeling of the home must have prior written approval from the Cooperative and must comply with the building codes of the Village of Park Forest. Any outside contractor or individual hired by a Member for installation or repair purposes must be qualified in his/her field and submit a Certificate of Insurance to the Management office prior to beginning any work. The full improvement policy is located in the House & Grounds Manual provided upon approval.

7. Do you allow pets? Yes. We accept cats and dogs, up to 2 animals per membership, with prior approval and so long as they are not a disturbance to the neighbors. Pet must be registered with the office within 5 days of obtaining. We do not require any pet deposit or monthly pet fees, however fines will be issues for pet violations. Some breed restrictions are: pit bulls, rottweilers, and dobermans. The full pet policy is located in the House & Grounds Manual provided upon approval. Read the full policy here.

8. As a Member, what am I expected to maintain? You are expected to do the following: replace furnace filters, replace fire alarm batteries, flush the water heater, maintain a clean home free from bugs and hoarding, keep stairs free from any items, keep all items 8 feet from the furnace and water heater, tend to your outdoor space and flowers (not the lawn), keep your porch tidy and clean, notify maintenance of any water leaks, replace broken glass, keep drains free of debris, etc. A full list of responsibilities is located in the House & Grounds Manual provided upon approval.  

9. As a Member, could I have a satellite dish installed? Yes, so long as all the requirements set forth in the House & Grounds manual are met AND you submit an Improvement Proposal Form BEFORE installing the dish. Review the full policy here. 

10. Are there any occupancy limitations? Yes. Occupancy is limited to one family per membership with no more than 4 family members (not to exceed two children) in a 2 bedroom home and 5 family members (not to exceed three children) in a 3 bedroom home. Single adults are limited to 2 adults in any size home. No home shall have sleeping quarters in the basement. 

11. How many total Memberships are there in Ash Street Cooperative? There are 288 memberships in our co-op. 

Have any more questions? Contact us now!

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