Satellite Dish Policy

Members of Ash Street Cooperative are allowed to have a Satellite Dish installed on their home as long as the following requirements are met. The member must understand that this is a privilege and does not fall under normal unit improvements in the Ash Street House and Grounds manual. 

A special Satellite Dish Improvement Form must be filled out and approved prior to any installation. 

1. The satellite dish may not exceed 3 meters (36 inches) in circumference.

2. The satellite dish may only be installed by a licensed and fully-insured professional installer.

A. A copy of the insurance certificate must be included with the member's improvement form.

B. Any installer's disclaimer documents that have been signed by the member must be included with the member's application.

C. A copy of the installer's warranty must be included with the member's improvement application.

D. A copy of the policy must be signed by the member and the satellite dish installer prior to any installation. 

Placement of Satellite Dish

1. The satellite dish may only be installed at the front porch roof overhang or back porch roof overhang. NEVER ON THE MAIN ROOF.

2. The installer must use galvanized or corrosion-proof fastenings and brackets.

3. The installer may drill ONLY ONE (1) hole in the exterior building structure for the cable inlet. Window and door jams may NOT be used for cable inlet. 

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