Existing Members are welcome to use the following forms and links. 

Submit Maintenance Request

Click the link below to submit a request for maintenance. If this is a life-threatening emergency, call 911. 

After Hours Emergency Maintenance Phone: 708-957-6458

Pay Monthly Carrying Fees

Click the link below to visit PayLease to pay your monthly carrying charges. Monthly payments are due on the 1st of the month and will incur a late fee of $25 if not paid by the first business day following the 5th day of the month. Please refer to your House & Grounds Manual for full rules.


Improvement Proposal Form

Members are required to submit an Improvement Proposal Form for any repairs or upgrades to their Home beyond painting and redecorating. Once submitted, the form will be presented to the Board of Directors, decided upon and returned with approval or denial. 

Satellite Dish Policy & Form

Members are required to submit an Improvement Proposal Form before installation of a satellite dish can occur. Failure to do so could result in fines and removal of dish by management. Please view the entire policy by clicking the link below.

Pet Registration Policy & Form

Members are required to register their pet within 5 business days at the Coop office using the form below. Member must also show yearly proof of current registration with the Village of Park Forest. Please refer to your House & Grounds Manual for full pet policy.

Member Complaint Form

If after speaking with a neighbor a problem remains unresolved, or if you do not feel comfortable speaking to a neighbor about a specific incident, download and complete the form below within 96 hours of the incident and submit it to the office to remain on record and to initiate a review of the concern.


Enjoy browsing through our monthly newsletters and see what fun event we have planned next! Also featured are notifications for our annual member meeting. 


Members Resources

Board Meetings are held every 4th Tuesday of the Month at 7pm at the Office.

All Members are welcome to attend.

Earn One Month Free Carrying Charges! 

Ash Street will pay a referral fee/finder's fee of one month's worth of carrying charges to a Member of Ash Street Cooperative if a Member refers a prospective member to us and the prospective member purchases a co-op in Ash Street. However, the fee will only be paid to Member if the prospective buyer identifies a Member on the initial visitor's form. 

Emergency Maintenance Phone: 708-957-6458

Property Manager: Elizabeth Bain

Operations manager: Michael Burmeister

Office & Sales manager: Shirley Moore

Maintenance Staff: Matt Gross & Jerry Johnson

Grounds Staff: John Tooks & Darryl Mann

Management Company: Legacy of Illinois, LLC

Board of Directors:

Antoinette Dabney-Wooten, President

Corine Bradley, Vice-President

Gary Kopycinski, Secretary

Brenda Hewitt, Treasurer

Will Howard, Director at Large

Anthony Houston, Director at Large

Tracy Ustinov, Director at Large

Ash Street Cooperative

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