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Privacy Policy

Pets are a privilege at Ash Street Cooperative. No more than two (2) pets may be in any dwelling unit at any time. 

Pet Registration:

Member must register pet within five (5) business days with the Cooperative's management Office. 


Member must also on a yearly basis show proof of current registration with the Village of Park Forest. A copy of such valid registration must be provided no later than May 31 in order for the pet to be properly registered. Any pet acquired after May 31 must be registered within thirty (30) days with the Cooperative's Management Office. 

A fine shall be automatically assessed, without warning, for any pet that is not properly registered with the Cooperative's management Office. An additional fine will be assessed each subsequent month the pet is not registered. All such fines will be in accordance with the fine structure set forth relating to the failure of a member to properly register his/her pet(s). A member must immediately notify the Management Office, in writing, if the member was registered as a pet owner but no longer owns a pet. 

**PIT BULLS, ROTTWEILERS, DOBERMANS breeds nor mixed breed shall be allowed. No snakes, reptiles or exotic or dangerous animals will be allowed in the Cooperative. 

Members Are Responsible for Their Pets


1. No pet shall disturb the quiet community. (Excessive barking at any time, inside or outside)

Village Code Sec. 14-48. - Repeatedly disturbing quiet.

a. It shall be unlawful for any person to allow any dog or cat owned by him or under his control to repeatedly disturb the quiet of any person within the Village. 

b. This section shall be enforced under and in accordance with Chapter 2, article VII of this Code, which article provides for the administrative adjudication of certain ordinance violations. 

2. No pet shall show aggression (May be cause for immediate forfeiture of pet privileges)

Village code Sec. 14-47. - Fierce dogs and cats.

a. No known fierce dog shall be kept within the village limits.

b. Any dangerous, fierce or vicious dog or cat running at large in the public ways or public places of the village or upon private premises of any person other than the owner or keeper that shall bite a person or other domestic and licensed animal so as to cause any abrasion of the skin is declared to be a nuisance, and such dog or cat may be immediately taken up and impounded by a police or animal control officer. 

c. If any dangerous, fierce or vicious dog or cat cannot be safely taken up and impounded, such dog or cat may be incapacitated or destroyed by any police or animal control officer. 

Fine for Violations

a. 1st violation - Written warming for first offense (Newsletter counts)

b. 2nd violation - $100.00 for failure to correct issue after warning

c. 3rd violation - $200.00 for failure to correct issue and 2nd violation

d. 4th violation - $350.00 and forfeiture of pet privileges for failure to correct issue after 3rd violation

e. Registration - $100.00 for failure to register pet (no warning)

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