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Submit Maintenance Request

If this is a life-threatening emergency, dial 911 now!

If this is a maintenance emergency during regular office hours, call 708-747-9600.

If this is a maintenance emergency after-hours, call 708-957-6458.

View emergency maintenance definitions here.

To submit a non-emergency maintenance request, complete the form below.

Once submitted, maintenance staff will assess the request, schedule a time to complete the request or call you for more details.

Sections marked with an * are required. 

Submit Maintenance Request Form

Thanks for submitting!

What is Considered a Maintenance Emergency?

  • Fire - Call 911 immediately, then call us to report the incident at 708-747-9600.

  • No Heat - Considered an emergency only if the inside temperature is below 65°F.*

  • No Air Conditioning - Considered an emergency only if A/C is required for documented health reasons or if a heat emergency is declared.*

  • Complete Electrical Failure*

  • Sewer Back-up or Basement Flooding

  • Broken, Burst or Frozen Pipes

  • Completely Stopped Up Toilet*

  • Gas Leaks - Call Nicor immediately at 1-888-642-6748 then call us to report if repairs are necessary.

  • Lock-out - Proper identification required*

  • No Hot Water - Considered an emergency only on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays before 6pm.*

  • Clogged Sink - If after 4:30pm weekdays or anytime over the weekend Member wishes to have sink unclogged, Member will be charged for the plumber's hourly rate plus overtime.*

*Charges may be assessed for services rendered. Refer to your House, Grounds & Member Relations Manual for full description of each emergency. The above definitions are for convenience only. 

Illegally Parked Cars, Noise Disturbances and Disorderly Conduct - Member is instructed to contact the non-emergency Park Forest police department at 708-748-4700 to report. 

Emergency Maintenance
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