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Budget-Friendly Ways to Decorate Your Co-op for Halloween

Nothing sets the mood for a spooky Halloween like transforming your Park Forest home into a ghoulish lair. The great news is you don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve that look, either.

A little creativity and a focused plan can make your Ash Street Co-op the perfect backdrop for all your October festivities.

pumpkins along co-op sidewalk for decoration

Choose a Focal Area

Rather than decorating every room of your co-op, pick a spot or two to go all out. Not only does this help save money, but also gives more importance to your décor when all items are grouped together.

Your eye is naturally drawn to the focal area and your décor looks more aesthetically pleasing this way than when several small items are dispersed throughout your property.

Choose your fireplace mantle (if you have one), dining table, front porch, bookcase, or any spot really. Then deck it out and go to town decorating.

Choose a Theme

All Halloween decorations usually have several things in common. There are usually pumpkins, creepy animals, fake blood, spiderwebs, and all other kinds of spooky fun.

To stretch your budget, try decorating with like items. You could choose pumpkins, skulls, ghosts, witches’ hats or witches boots all with the same color tones or buy in bulk and spread the decorations out over two rooms.

tiny witch shoes on porch of Ash Street Coop

Browse TikTok or Instagram for ideas and then put your own spin on it. Your theme could even be a color scheme like black, white, orange, purple or a combination of these seasonal colors.

A great way to use the Halloween decorations you already own (saving you even more mula) is to spray paint your tired pumpkins or skulls to help match them to a new color scheme and freshen up their look for cheap.

Get Thrifty

Visit thrift stores locally for any interesting items. Old books can be a spooky addition to any Halloween display and as a bonus could also be used year-round in your normal décor.

Cheap candlesticks, bowls, and vases can be spray painted black for a spooky effect. Or head into your backyard for some inspiration. Mother Nature has plenty of free décor to offer.

Gnarled tree branches work great in vases as do clippings from evergreen bushes. Rose clippings can be especially creepy when set against the right backdrop.

Of course, real pumpkins and gourds are the classic fall and Halloween staples and give you a lot of bang for your buck with a natural vibe.

Don’t Forget the Filler Pieces

Once you know your theme and what spot you’re decorating in your house you can go shopping for the filler pieces. LED string lights can transform any space. You can find them in any Halloween color and in all kinds of cute themes.

person hanging halloween lights outside of their housing cooperative

Flickering battery operated candles can help set the mood as well. Stretch spooky spider webs or gauzy black fabric around anything you can.

Faux flowers or feathers can add the perfect finishing touch and fill in the gaps in between larger décor items.

If you need some temporary hangers, the 3M damage free hanging hooks work great to string lights around or hang a seasonal picture. When you’re ready to take down, simply remove the hook as instructed!

Decorating for Halloween at Ash Street Cooperative

As you see, you don’t have to spend a lot to transform your Park Forest home for Halloween. Follow these tips and in no time, you will have the perfect scenery for watching scary movies, baking spooky treats, and creating those precious memories in your Ash Street home.

Not a member of Ash Street Cooperative yet? We’d love to have you! Stop by the office to discuss availability and pricing before the spooky season begins!

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