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Effective Co-op Snow Removal Practices

While members of Ash Street Housing Cooperative enjoy the perks of minimal snow removal, there are still a few spots to keep clear. After maintenance removes the snow from all community sidewalks and common walkways, Members are encouraged to clear the snow from their porches, personal unit walkways and around their vehicles in the parking lot.

With just a little effort as soon as the snow touches down, and a little diligence until it stops, you can effectively keep your walkways clear and make life a lot easier down the long winter road!

people having fun in the snow outside of Ash Street Coop

But before we get into effective snow removal practices, if you’ve never heard about a housing cooperative or co-op living, you’re in for a real treat! Check out some frequently asked questions here, then let us know if you’d like to take a look around. We’re happy to help!

Shovel Early, Shovel Often

A good rule of thumb is to head out with shovel in hand after every 2 inches of snow. This keeps the job manageable and the shovel light! By removing the snow after just a couple of inches, you stay ahead of the weather. Your pathways never get so high that shoveling becomes a back-breaking chore and you ensure the safety of all who walk down your path. Plus, you won’t find yourself trying to dig your vehicle out of a huge snow pile after waiting to long to get started!

Salt Your Sidewalks

Again, because Ash Street Housing Cooperative members are treated with maintenance-led snow removal of all common walkways, there isn’t a need for a giant bag of salt. A tiny bag will do! After the snow has stopped and you’ve cleared the sidewalk of most snow, we recommend sprinkling a little salt over any areas that appear packed down or icy. The salt melts the ice, making it easier to shovel away a few hours later. This is a great way to prevent ice build up and keep your sidewalks safe.

Don’t Make Big Piles

Shoveling all your snow into one big pile is likely not a great idea. Huge snow piles can be a sight hazard depending on how close it is to the road. It can hinder you or your neighbors’ ability to safely maneuver about the property and it may even block the mailman’s route, making it extra challenging for him/her to deliver your mail. In addition, as the spring warmth arrives, those pesky big snow piles can become a source for sore eyes as they tend to stick around much longer than an evenly spaced area of snow. So, spread the snowy love all over your yard instead of making one heaping pile!

man shoveling snow

Secure the Right Equipment

Nothing is worse than heading out to shovel in the middle of a Midwest blizzard only to find that you forgot about the broken handle from last year! Before the first snow fall, take a quick inventory of all your winter outdoor equipment. Shovel? Ice scraper? Car scraper? Salt? Heavy duty door mat? Grab whatever you need to ensure a smooth, easy winter for yourself!

Ash Street Cooperative is a housing community set up and managed by its members. As a member of a housing cooperative, you are entitled to one home and one vote in your community. A unique form of home ownership, cooperative living can be the perfect option for those just starting out, those with families, those retiring and everyone in between!

Give Ash Street a call today to discuss availability and member benefits.

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