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Organizing Secrets for Small Spaces

While our housing cooperatives are not small by any means, the following organizing tips can help increase storage and functionality, just in case you've maxed out your closets. Choosing one or two of our tips below will dramatically increase space in the rest of your home and provide a unique excuse to go shopping for more goodies!

Make Vertical Work For You!

closet shelves at Ash Street Cooperative

Think of your closet as an opportunity to climb up the wall! Most closets have one shelf up high for hats and sweater boxes, a rod to hang clothes on, and a floor to set shoes on. Here's a secret to help you get so much more!

Install a shelf halfway between the ceiling and the current "top" shelf and another shelf 2 feet from the ground. This allows you to maximize your vertical space in each closet and expand the opportunities for storage! Both areas are typically unused space unless you store extra tall items, but not any more!

Doors Are Not Just For Opening Anymore!

towel rack on coop door

The inside of your doors can be the perfect place to add extra hooks, baskets or racks. Using the backsides of doors in your bedroom, bathroom, closet and even under the sink help keep items off your shelves and out of the way!

Consider purchasing an over-the-door shoe rack for a temporary solution, or install baskets at differing heights for a more permanent solution. No need to drill holes in your nice wood doors however, nowadays 3M offers a wealth of damage-free hanging tools to make set up and break down a breeze.

Use Your Backsplash for More Than Splashes!

shelves on kitchen wall

A backsplash - below the cabinets, above the counters - is the ideal place to store spices and little kitchen tools. Not only are they conveniently located right where you need them, but them also help improve efficiency while cooking.

Using damage-free wall hangers (the kind with double sided tape and a hook), install plastic, wire or wooden baskets that add flair to your kitchen décor and functionality. You'd be surprised how sturdy those sticky tape hooks really are!

Move Things To The Walls

child reading book in coop living room

Walls aren't just for pretty pictures and fancy art anymore. They're for storing books, plants, trinkets and candles. Install decorative shelves on either side of a piece of art to "frame" the art and make your shelves pop while adding to the available storage in your home.

Consider using 3M hooks to hang an actual plant pot right on the wall or a functional shelf waist high as a mini office space. You can even configure a dowel rod with holders to hang a beautiful tapestry or spare blankets that might otherwise be stored in a closet somewhere.

plants hanging on wall

Here at Ash Street Housing Cooperative, we are invested in your home happiness! We want you to be satisfied with your purchase and settled for many years to come. After securing your membership with us, you have the choice to make your co-op your own with minor upgrades like the ones we shared above. For more ideas or to arrange for a showing at one of our beautiful co-ops, give us a call. We'd love to meet you!

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