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Building a Community: The Keys to Being a Better Neighbor

Building a strong community starts with the people who live in it. Being a good neighbor is essential to developing strong relationships and creating a sense of belonging.

A good neighbor is friendly, supportive, and respectful of their neighbors. They are willing and eager to help when asked. They help contribute to the development of their community and aren’t afraid to help a neighbor out when in need. They keep a watchful eye on their neighborhood for the benefit of all and even help keep the common areas neat and tidy.

Let’s explore how we can help build a better community by being a better neighbor. And when you’re ready to settle into a community that truly cares about your wellbeing, check out our available housing cooperative units. Ash Street Cooperative is the perfect place to strengthen your neighborly muscles!

two people getting to know each other outside home

What Does it Mean to be a Good Neighbor?

Being a good neighbor involves three simple steps: being proactive, being available, and being considerate. Being proactive means taking the initiative to get to know your neighbors and be aware of what’s happening in your community. Being available means spending time with your neighbors and being available to help when needed. Being considerate means being respectful and mindful of your neighbors’ needs and wishes. With a little effort, you can become a better neighbor and help create a strong and vibrant community.

The Importance of Community

Neighbors may come and go, but a true community is built on lasting relationships. These relationships can be built by participating in community events and actively trying to get to know your neighbors. Doing so can help you feel connected to your community and invested in your neighborhood.

What are the Keys to Being a Better Neighbor?

Like we described above, the keys to being a better neighbor are being proactive, being available and being considerate.

Being Proactive

Being proactive means taking the initiative to step outside of your comfort zone to introduce yourself to your neighbors, sign up to volunteer in your neighborhood, or join a community club to make an effort to become involved in community affairs. It means reaching out to make connections before you need to because you value the idea of building relationships with your neighbors.

two men introducing themselves outside of housing cooperative Illinois

Being Available

Being available means spending time with your neighbors and being available to help when needed. You can start by offering help when it appears a neighbor might need it, such as when carrying in heavy items, raking up leaves, or when heavy snow falls. Always ask before helping though to make sure your assistance is welcomed. You can also join a local group, such as a book club, neighborhood watch program, or parent-teacher association that can help place you in circumstances where you can be of assistance.

Being Considerate

Being considerate means being respectful and mindful of your neighbors’ needs and wishes. This can mean making sure you don’t turn your tv volume up too loud after 9pm or waiting to do a load of laundry until after 9am in case a neighbor may be sleeping. Being considerate can also mean picking up litter from the common areas, returning a blown over garbage can that you know belongs to a specific house or bringing incorrect mail delivered to your house to the correct address as a courtesy. Being considerate will help you create and maintain strong and healthy relationships with your neighbors.

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Ash Street Cooperative – A Community of Great Neighbors

Ash Street Housing Cooperative in Park Forest, Illinois (a Chicago South Suburb) is the perfect place to engage in neighborly activities. As a housing cooperative, community building is literally in our name. We focus on being great neighbors, shared resources, and a safe, welcoming living environment.

When you’re ready to experience the power of community living at its finest, give us a call or stop by to view our available units.

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