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Hassle-Free Holiday Decorations for Your Housing Cooperative Without Harming the Walls

The holiday season is a time of joy, warmth, and celebration. It’s a time when people come together, sharing meals, exchanging gifts, and decorating their homes with a variety of ornaments, lights, and other holiday-themed items. However, for many people, this festive period can also bring about a certain level of stress.

wreath of Christmas decorations

This is particularly true when it comes to decorating their homes without causing any damage to the walls. There is a legitimate concern that the use of nails, screws, or other invasive methods of installation can leave behind unsightly marks or even cause harm to the walls.

This concern magnifies as a renter where damage to the walls can lead to loss of security deposits. Thankfully, housing cooperative members enjoy the freedom to decorate as they wish. However, with freedom always comes responsibility – being responsible for keeping the walls in great condition to ensure the quality of their investment.

The good news is, there are many alternative methods of decorating that are hassle - and damage - free!

Tips for Selecting Decorations That Won't Harm Your Walls

When it comes to selecting holiday decorations, there are a few key factors you might want to consider.

wreath on red door at cooperative

First: the weight of the decoration. Heavier decorations may require heftier installation methods which can leave behind noticeable marks or even cause structural damage to your walls. Therefore, opt for lighter decorations that can be easily hung up with non-invasive methods such as adhesive hooks or strips.

Second: the material of the decoration. Some materials, such as certain types of paint or adhesive, can potentially stain or discolor your walls. Opt for decorations made from materials that are known to be wall-safe, such as vinyl decals or removable wallpaper.

Finally, consider using decorations that complement the existing décor of your home, as well as the overall theme of the holiday season. This will not only create a more cohesive and visually pleasing look, but it can also prevent you from having to hang or ‘install’ as many decorations.

Best Practices for Installing Holiday Decorations Without Damage

The installation process is arguably where the most potential for wall damage lies. However, with the right techniques and tools, you can easily install your holiday decorations without harm.

One of the most effective methods is the use of removeable adhesive hooks or strips. These products are designed to securely hold up decorations while leaving no residue or marks upon removal. They are also incredibly easy to use, simply requiring you to peel off the backing and stick them onto your walls.

wall hanger on Ash Street wall

Another effective method is the use of magnetic hooks. These are particularly useful if you have metal surfaces in your home, such as a fridge or a radiator. Simply attach the magnetic hook to the metal surface and hang your decoration from it. This method is not only non-damaging but also incredibly versatile, as it allows you to hang decorations in a variety of locations.

Lastly, consider the use of freestanding decorations. These decorations require no installation whatsoever, simply needing to be placed in your desired location. This can include items such as Christmas trees, wreaths, and tabletop decorations.

Cleaning Up After the Holidays: How to Remove Decorations Without Leaving a Mark

row of stocking hanging on Ash Street Cooperatives walls

For adhesive hooks or strips, simply pull on the tab at the bottom of the hook or strip. This will stretch the adhesive, causing it to release its grip on the wall. Continue pulling until the hook or strip is fully removed. It is important to pull slowly and steadily to ensure the adhesive is fully stretched and released.

If using a nail or a screw was required, it’s always best to repair the hole immediately so the damage doesn’t build up over time causing unsightly marks.

First, carefully remove the nail or screw, then press a tiny dab of drywall mud into the hole with your fingertip to fill it. Let it dry completely, then touch up the paint with the wall paint you hopefully saved. *wink*

If not, see if you can get a paint store to match the paint color as best they can and keep a pint on hand for future knicks and scratches.

Decorate without the Stress

Christmas tree with bells at Park Forest Coop

Decorating your home for the holidays should be a joyous and stress-free process. With the right decorations, installation methods, and removal techniques, you can create a festive and welcoming atmosphere in your home without causing any harm to your walls.

So this holiday season, don't let the worry of wall damage hold you back. Embrace the holiday spirit, adorn your home with your favorite decorations, and celebrate the season in style.

Stop by or call Ash Street Cooperatives today to discuss availability and pricing. Look at our member-owned units now to see if you can get in before the holidays begin!

With our hassle-free tips above, you can focus on what truly matters this season: celebrating with your loved ones and creating lasting memories.

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