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How to Decorate Your Home Without Damaging the Walls

As autumn comes to an end here in Park Forest, Illinois, we find ourselves spending more time indoors. Sitting back on the couch, we may begin to examine the walls around us, literally, with a more discerning eye. Some of us might be gearing up to invite friends and family over for a holiday meal and some of us might just be ready to give our home a minor face-lift.

Regardless of the reason, don't hesitate to improve the appearance of your home because your worried about budget or wall damage! Enhance the look and feel of your home easily and affordably with the following tips from our staff here at Ash Street Cooperative.


Having plants around is especially useful when that winter weather hits us and we find ourselves home-bound for many long, dark, winter nights. Plants offer us a brighter disposition; a sense of life and growth, as well as oxygen-rich air. Some plants are harder to grow than others and require careful consideration before purchasing. But some plants, like the pothos plant, are extremely easy to keep alive, even for the "green-thumb challenged". Pothos plants have a natural alarm system to remind you it's time to water them - they will droop heavily. When they do, simply saturate their soil with one good watering and leave them alone until they droop again (weeks later). Sprinkling plants around your room can quickly and easily add a bright green accent to any space without much cost or effort.


Don't want to paint but still want a change in surroundings? No problem! Changing out all the pillows in a room is an ideal, cost-effective way to temporarily enhance a room's color without the cost or labor of painting. A fresh new pillow can also completely transform the look of a worn, old couch or chair. Choosing pillows with bright, bold colors can add just the right amount of pop to change the whole style of a room. Stack pillows side by side with alternating colors for a modern look or grab similarly-toned pillows for a more traditional vibe. Vary their shapes and textures, but make sure you buy two of the same pillows, if your buying for a couch, so the variation looks balanced and intentional.


Our housing co-ops have wonderful natural lighting during the day, but as the winter approaches, bringing longer times of darkness, the need for internal lighting increases. Swap out either the lamp shade or the entire lamp unit for an impressive upgrade. To make the room appear cohesive, grab a lamp that matches the new pillows you just purchased and make sure all the light bulbs are replaced with the same color lighting. If you're going for bright white, don't hang onto that last "soft yellow glow" bulb from '99. Buying a new lamp is more cost effective than replacing the furniture but just as effective at ushering in a new look.


Window covering can fade in the sunlight over time, getting dusty and drab. Consider replacing your curtains with a fresh new color to add a striking statement to your space. If you prefer, you could purchase seasonal curtains, switching them out as the seasons change to keep your place looking fresh. The best part about this swap is that you don't have to create any new holes in your walls. Because the curtain rods have already been installed, you can simply purchase a similar style curtain, leaving you with no additional work in order to hang them! Have a pocket style curtain? Stick to buying a pocket-style replacement curtain to save time, money and wall damage.


While this fix might run you a bit more money than the rest, the impact it will make will be profound. Consider buying a new bathroom set consisting of a shower curtain, toothbrush holder, soap holder, trash can, bathroom rug, towels and wash cloths. You might even be able to find a shelf to aide in storage plus give your room a new look that only requires 3M peel and stick strips. Obviously, if you do, keep the items light, like in the image below, to prevent the shelf from falling.

Imagine the difference this design idea would make for your happiness as well. Waking up first thing, potentially getting ready for work on a cold winter morning. You enter the bathroom, surprised daily by how nice the room looks now that you've swapped out the old for the new. What a great start to your day!

Are you ready for a home of your own? Ash Street Cooperative is the ideal location for everyone who is ready to begin their home buying journey but might be concerned about a single-family home purchase. When you choose Ash Street Cooperative, you become a part of a community who values you as a neighbor. You join alongside others who care for their property like you do. Interested in learning more? Stop by the office or give us a call today at 708-747-9600.

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