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Why Providing Census Information is So Important for Park Forest Residents

Every city, county and state is affected by the information collected from the census. Numbers are gathered and assessed every 10 years as the new census numbers trickle in from every household in America. The purpose of the census, formulated by our Nation's founders, was to ensure that “Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers…” - The Constitution of the United States, Article I, Section 2.

Park Forest benefits by having each and every one counted to ensure that we receive our respective apportionment of federal funding, grants and support from our government. Some support includes funding for schools, roads, public service initiatives, medical facilities, and other vital programs needed to support and maintain our thriving community.

Information from the census can also provide businesses with the information they need to determine the next location for their factory. It can provide the out-of-town person with the statistics to sway their decision to move to Park Forest, becoming a lifelong resident and contributing member of our society. The census data can assist parents on deciding where their children should go to school, where to get a job, what they can expect as a resident and so much more.

Broken down by age, family size, median income, race, ethnicity, sex and many more subgroups, this information can help provide a snap shot of the community at large and it's available online to anyone interested in the information.

From the census report, the population count directly affects how many representatives are issued to each region. Taxing and representation, as defined by the Constitution, is directly apportioned based on population. This population count also assists residents in understanding if their community is experiencing growth or decline. This knowledge can help communities develops independent programs to educate and reach out to locals to reengage them with their community. It also helps local governments learn why the growth patterns are what they are and what can be done to preserve the integrity of the city.

As you see, funding and population counts for Park Forest are directly connected to your involvement in the upcoming census. Whether we feel like it's a violation of our privacy, none of the government's business or otherwise, the information is needed on a much bigger scale than we may realize. This year, let's take immediate action to help preserve and protect our community. Let's provide the information as requested and work together to ensure Park Forest is correctly counted now and in the future!

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